will-smithThe guys over at JoBlo spoke with Will Smith while he was doing his rounds promotion Seven Pounds. During his time with them they posed the question if he would ever be interested in playing another superhero. His response was that we will definitely be seeing a Hancock 2 in a few years.

I unfortunately never got a chance to see the first film. I’ve heard mixed reviews about the film but it went on to a rather nice box office return regardless. During his talk however he brought up the point that there is several other interesting characters in the Hancock universe. So maybe we may see a spin off? Only time will tell.


In the original film Academy Award nominee Will Smith (The Pursuit of Happiness) stars as Hancock, a sarcastic hard-living and misunderstood superhero who has fallen out of favor with the public. When Hancock grudgingly agrees to an extreme makeover from idealistic publicist Ray Embrey (Jason Bateman, Juno), his life and reputation rise from the ashes and all seems right again – until he meets a woman (2003 Academy Award winner Charlize Theron, Actress in a Leading Role, Monster) with similar powers to his and the key to his secret past.